Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Sick cat

Smudge is staying at the vet tonight at least. She has not eaten for 36 hours and only started drinking again a few hours ago. They are putting her on IV fluids and doing some blood tests. The basic stay and IVF is £300 and that does not include the blood tests. I am going to add a PayPal donate/tip-jar button below in case any of you want to help us pay for this (as I see other people do) because we, as yet, do not know where we are going to find this money. Smudge is 13 years old (from what we can tell) and so only 'middle-aged' but has been drinking and weeing a lot in recent weeks as well as staggering occasionally as she walks around. Let's hope this is nothing too expensive to fix and is just a summer cold or something.

tip-jar button removed because the bill has been paid by an awesome benefactor
Tags: cats, smudge

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