Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

My brain may be obsolete

My brain has always been very ordered and hierarchical with a complex nested folder system for everything I so and everyone I meet. The news that OSX and windows are going to be forcing us to use a flat file system with one or no levels of folders is terrifying and may mean the end of me using technology other then cursorily. I have been reading around the subject and cannot imagine, due mainly to the weird way my brain has worked since I was a young child and how the multiple sclerosis is degrading my mental capabilities, how I will be able to, for example, find a file that I created yesterday because I will have no idea what I named the file. I would, currently and in the past, know that I had put it in a specific place in my hierarchy of folders. Even my use of Scrivener employs a nested folder architecture by year, month and day. If I am not going to be ALLOWED to organise MY files how I need to on MY computer in the future, then I think the OS designers have got a little out of control. By all means make it a switchable option (or switch-off-able). The USER of the system should be allowed to use the system as they NEED to use it.

Just my 2¢. Comments re-enabled. Please do not just tell me I am wrong. Feel free to offer me hope.

ETA: I can see my file names becoming hierarchical in form, somehow, e.g. year-month-date-topic or project-subproject-topic-category-filetype or some-such. This is the only way I can think of getting around the problem.
Tags: aging, technology

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