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[share] "Signal Boost: Declaration of Internet Freedom"

I signed via the non-US EFF page. Shared with permission:

Originally posted by siliconshaman at Signal Boost: Declaration of Internet Freedom

A whole bunch of folks companies, organisations and the like, have gotten together to form the Declaration of Internet Freedom. This is in response to the unceasing, increasing levels of censorship, restriction of use and erosion of net neutrality principles that underlie the way we use the internet, and that threaten it's useful existence.

Basically, it's saying we don't want the internet to be turned into something more akin to cable TV just because a bunch of politicians and CEO's don't understand it, and are trying to make it fit into their worldview that way. We want a free internet, not free as in 'free beer' but free as in Freedom.

Clicking on the image below takes you to the techdirt discussion page.

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