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Coding question

Since my recent brief toe in the SQL waters, I have been pondering the odd hour of coding. I may be kidding myself as to what I am up to but this keeps mulling over in my mind.

The question is, what language to use? In the past I have used quite a list of languages but, judging by my SQL re-learning episode, re-learning anything I used to know twelve years ago is going to be tough going.

So, I need something:
• easy to (re-)learn
• that I can do on my mac and will run on the mac, maybe as some kind of chron job
• that will be free to use
• that will hopefully, eventually, be able to read data from an RSS feed and be able to interface to the LJ API or send an email to an email address that I know is valid but that cannot click a link to confirm that it is a human (e.g. my LJ's email posting address), i.e. have language capabilities and interfaces that will let me maybe write code to do that.

I may be overreaching myself, my current abilities, my memory and learning capability and the spears/spoons available to me but I do still really enjoy learning and I keep having these coding bunnies (like plot bunnies) - ideas of apps that would be really useful that I cannot find via google.

Those of you that write code, what would you suggest? Am I mad given the multiple sclerosis to even contemplate this? Does something already exist?



Jul. 2nd, 2012 12:05 pm (UTC)
Another more helpful reply.

We have met, BTW. At london.pm and I came to the books/publishing/editing conference one year when you got me a ticket. I edited and website-tested for a while on Diverse Books.

As for doing this to earn cash? No. I doubt I would win any contracts when I tell potential clients that my brain is mush all the time and the fatigue means I have to sleep whenever my body tells me to NOW!! and that I can probably manage 4 or 5 hours "work" per week on a good week.

For example, helping Neil/hubby/neilf with SQL (which I relearned/looked-up/remembered on the fly at the same time) for more than an hour at one stint gave me a screaming headache and I had to sleep for a few hours.

So, When I stopped working in 2000 apart from a few failed and short stints at freelancing, I gave up for good. This is because I want to do *something* with my brain, have a problem that needs solving and a few other ideas for tiny projects like this and have always loved to learn new stuff which explains why I love knitting - there is always another technique to learn and a pattern is very much like a computer program - knit and purl is similar to 0 and 1 as well.

It turns out that hubby has some books (eBooks of course - I find paper books difficult/painful to hold / work with these days) on learning both Ruby and Python. I am starting with Ruby and the most "for dummies" book of the bunch and managing to do an hour at a time. There is no rush, anyway.


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