Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Paraesthesia: At least I am not a surgeon!

Recently, I keep getting numb/tingly fingers and forearms. One or both side. Fingertips only or from elbow all the way to the fingertips. At random, of course, and also for random duration. Apparently it can be an MS symptom. I get the feeling that my wrist or elbow have "clicked" and need to click back and so stretch out my fingers, elbow and wrist. This does not help but it does make me feel like I am doing *something*.

More rarely but since before I was diagnosed, I get this in my legs/feet as well. I remember one instance in 1998 when my entire right leg went numb for a few hours and I could not walk on it. I have also had that happen again more recently but luckily for quite a short duration (minutes not days or even hours) and I was able to walk by locking my knee back (my knees hyper-extend after years of gymnastics/trampolining).

The subtitle above refers to the few examples of para(e)sthesia that I have seen in TV drama - all were surgeons that had to stop that work with at least one of them becoming a medical examiner (ME) instead. Luckily, all I need to do when it happens is work out how to get to a chair or my bed and/or power through it by continuing to knit whilst looking at my work rather than knitting by feel.

Paraesthesia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia (spellings in this link are Anglicised).
Tags: ms, paraesthesia
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