Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

SKYP sock(s)

SKYP sock(s) by natalief
SKYP sock(s), a photo by natalief on Flickr.

I have finished my first ever top-down sock and started the second. I tried to knit one once as my first sock and could not get my head around the heel flap and gusset instructions. Since then my knitting skill has levelled up a LOT and I have knit many many different typed of toe-up socks albeit with short-row heel, heel-flap and/or gusset and so when I saw this pattern mentioned on a knitting video podcast (The Knit Girllls) I decided that I would give it a try with some left over Wendy Happy light-fingering sock yarn, even though the pattern (free, via ravelry, “Skyp Socks”) called for sport-weight yarn (a yarn weight I have yet to find for sale in a LYS in the UK.

Maybe that is what we call 6 ply? We call fingering-weight / sock-weight yarn “4 ply”, whatever spinning ply the yarn actually is.

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