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Again, my feelings are very similar and I am so glad we did not emigrate to the US:

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A young black male-presenting person holding a sign.  It says 'Please don't shoot me I only have skittles and a drink!!  JUSTICE WANTED.'

I can never fully understand what it's like, because I'm not constantly this scared for the male-presenting members of my family; but my heart breaks for Trayvon Martin, and for every kid who's labelled "suspicious" for existing while black, and every parent and sibling who has to fear for their loved ones' lives, and and
And just tears okay

And I can't deal because spoons so comments are off; but I just can't interact here without saying something today, because silence is complicity, and the appalling racism behind this child's murder is just so blatant, so systemic, so pervasive.
That's all.
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