Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[repost] Rome burns while Osborne fiddles the books..

My feelings are so very similar:

Originally posted by siliconshaman at Rome burns while Osborne fiddles the books..

 So... it's budget day here in good Ol'Blighty... and what did the Private School boys in charge do?

As expected, tax cuts for millionaires and big businesses, and a hearty f**k you! to the rest of us.

Because those in the top tax brackets apparently are paying too much tax, and austerity cuts in welfare are what the economy needs to get it going... Ok, it didn't work last time, but it's bound to sooner or later and never mind what those experts say. Who you going to believe, those that have actually studied how the economy works and learnt from history, or an ideologically driven Chancellor who failed his GCSE in maths and made a small fortune on the stock exchange, [out of a bigger one] and is sucking up to the millionaire toffs in charge.
Oh.. wait...

Anyway, here have a link, and another... I'm too disgusted at this damn country to say more.
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