Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

tumblr works for me

Microblogging and/or daylogging over on my tumblr seems to be working a lot better for me than Twitter. Yes, sometimes I enter text that is shorter than 140 characters but often I can write something much longer than that. I could be doing this directly onto natdaylog I suppose, but the tumblr web interface is much better / less complex than the web interface for LJ in my opinion and so is more suited to this purpose. Tumblr also tweets my posts there to my natdaylog Twitter account and so they get scrobbled onto natdaylog as these Tweets/links at the end of each day. I only wish that LoudTwitter or Twitenesis still existed so that I could scrobble more than one Twitter account to this my permanent (and so central repository / archive) LJ account.
Tags: natdaylog, tumblr
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