Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Not again

I seem to have upset someone out there on TEH INTARWEBZ by expressing my opinions and enthusiastically trying to inform others about another point of view. In a venue that is ostensibly called a "Café" and that usually allows healthy discourse and discussion. Apparently my (hopefully) clear, concise and correct English is rude and by saying "In Britain, this is how it is," I am heard to be saying, "You silly USians, you don't understand Britain." Those don't even begin to look similar to me.

Maybe I should (throws in a passive aggressive pout) just stop reading LiveJournal altogether or, at least, stop commenting on posts by people that I do not know well and face to face. The only problem with the latter suggestion is that LiveJournal is about 95% of my "social" life. Why yes, yes I am a shut-in.

P.S. I have saved the comments I made (and that I received notification emails for, thank goodness!) in a private post here on my LJ and so thankfully the switching off of comments on that post has not meant the erasure of my writing/words. Sometimes LJ does something right!

P.P.S. The owner of the LJ in question and I have conversed via email - I apologised and they explained. I will likely make this post private eventually as well.
Tags: drama

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