Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Gifts from mum

  • Milk chocolate brazil nuts. Milk makes me ill and Neil is diabetic. Yes, these used to be my favourite thing as a kid but that was before my lactose intolerance developed.

  • A cat calendar. We do not use paper calendars these days. Everything is handled by Google Calendars, iPhones and iPads.

  • A vacuum storage bag for storing duvets, blankets, sweaters, etc. by using a vacuum cleaner to suck all the air out. Yeah. No. This will not get used either because there is nowhere to store it once it is filled/deflated. I guess I could store my wedding garb in it or something.

  • Mugs. Nice mugs admittedly but we have too many mugs already and keep giving some away!

  • A magnetic shopping-list pad. See what I said about iPhones and so on. Also, while I used to like these back in the 00s, I am no longer able to do the shopping (or drive) and Neil prefers 3x5 cards and/or a Moleskine reporter. We still have one of these that she bough us last year or the year before.

  • A drawstring vegetable bag. Actually, that might get used. Maybe not because hubby does the shopping and cooking and this might add complexity where complexity is not needed.

Yeah. No. I think these might have been apt presents when I was a child. Maybe. She said on the phone the other day, "But, you used to love Christmas!" No, I used to be better at finding the energy to do as she taught/forced us to do - to always look happy and grateful. The problem with having done that, however, is that she believed it as well as the other relatives/her-friends. It has also counterproductively convinced her that she knows what I/we like. Neil's family have never celebrated Christmas once Neil and SIL were older than kids. Birthdays either. Myself I am no longer at all Christian and so giftmas would be a good time for me to indulge my love for buying presents but, um, little money these days. The only reason that I, for the first year in my memory, have exactly what I asked for (the iPad2) is that Neil added all of his giftmas gift money (after buying himself some new boots) to my giftmas money fund and my other relatives (mainly dad's side of my family) sent us both just enough giftmas money to visit AppleSanta and receive my iPad2. I must take a picture of it at some point now that the bright orange covers have both arrived.

This goes back to the old, "you should be grateful that you got something!" adage that she pulled out on my birthday this year while complaining about the pair of socks I had just given her. Heh. This stash of gifts will likely need to be added to the cupboard of regiftable-gifts-that-we-would-not-inflict-on-anyone. Like we have space for them. Maybe a charity shop donation is on the cards.

At least she did heed our pleas not to get us M&S vouchers AGAIN (I still have the one she gave me on my birthday as yet untouched and Neil carries all of the others in case we are in an M&S one day and I need some knickers or something. Neither of us shop there except for occasional underwear forays for me. We have about three years' worth of birthday and giftmas M&S vouchers still to use up. Also, at least these vouchers / giftcards don't expire…

I know, she is getting older and this will only get worse, but it is SO exhausting!

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