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[repost/share/signal-boost] If you like what you see...

Originally posted by shweta_narayan at If you like what you see...

So you guys, Stone Telling 6 is up, and we have some feedback on how we're doing over the first 6 issues (thank you so much to everyone who's responded!)

I joined Team Stone Telling because this zine is immensely important to me. It's telling the stories I recognize as being... not mine, necessarily, but like mine, existing in the margins, speaking even though it's scary to do so; sometimes speaking because there was a place for them to do so - lately we've received poems written with ST in mind, because some stories needed a sympathetic market in order to be told.

These poems - and, in some cases, the simple fact that they exist, that they just needed a place to call home - have changed my life. And they've made this last year livable. I am so glad to hear that they're reaching some of you in similar ways.

And in a perfect world I'd be leaving it at that. But in this one... if you like what you're seeing, and you can afford it, do please consider dropping us a donation! (And if you can't afford it, do please consider signal boosting!)

Truth is, we don't get many donations; we pay our poets and our non-fiction contributors largely out of our own pockets. Which are not so deep actually. And while we believe fiercely in what we're doing, and are willing to keep paying to do it, help with that is very much appreciated.

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