Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[Ravelry FOs] Brown Bunbun – with added white tail!

The bunny in the Sophie pattern does not have a white tail and so the only thing that means it is a rabbit is that it has long floppy ears. I added a white tail to this one and have made a note of the pattern I used if Ysolda wants to add it. (It is in a private post on my blog for now).

The tail helps the bunny sit independently as well.

I never use DPNs due to clumsiness and frustration but I did use a set of 5 Clover 3 mm DPNs (that I happen to have got off a magazine cover a while ago) to pick up the stitches for the body, legs, arms, ears and tail. For the body I even knit a few rows on the DPNs before getting too frustrated with the complexity (I have multiple sclerosis) before switching to magic-loop with one or two DPNs worth of stitches per circular-needle end and with stitch markers between the stitches for each DPN’s stitches on each circ-end. MUCH easier for me!

I have yet to attempt the ears, though. I can see needing to knit a few inches with the DPNs for these!

I have started the first ear and managed to switch to magic-loop after 3.5 rows. I think I may be able to after 3 rows on the second ear!

First ear finished and second ear started!

Both ears (and so the whole Bunbun) finished! I did indeed switch to magic-loop after three rows on the second ear.

I have given this pattern 5 stars and rated it medium due to the difficulty for me of needing to use DPNs. Otherwise I would have rated this as easy.

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