Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

People have been asking

People whose LJs I read but who may not read mine have been asking what I want for giftmas.

Me? I am saving for an iPad. Hubby will be donating any money he gets for giftmas over and above the pair of walking boots he just bought. Add to that any giftmas money I get and then we are crossing our fingers that I will have enough because we can't afford not to pay the bills.

Alternatively, any of the US-only dishcloth yarns that I cannot get in the UK (just NO PINK please).

Not that I expect anything from the relative stranger whose LJ I read, of course!

Of course, an iPad is such a useful knitters' and knitting designers' tool that me wanting one is a no-brainer!

I guess I need a "saving up for an iPad" ticker. So far I have £190 in the "kitty". An iPad seems to be £399. Getting there.

If you'd like to help, here is my PayPal TipJar button:

P.S. My contact details (locked to an LJFriendsGroup so message me if you need them but cannot see them) and wishlist are always linked on the right of my LJ.
Tags: giftmas

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