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Can anyone recommend…

… a 2 mm (US size 0, imperial/UK size 14) circular needle type/manufacturer that does not easily bend or snap under knitting pressure?

ETA: Over at my local Ravelry group, Bettyboo had some great suggestions and now I am a happy bunny with a new 2 mm 100 cm Addi Turbo circular needle and a 2 mm 80 cm Addi Turbo Lace circular needle! They may be more expensive than KnitPro/KnitPicks circular needles but you really do get what you pay for and, as I only have a problem with 2 mm needles, I won’t have to spend too much more money (I ideally want to buy a 2 mm 60 cm ATLace circ and a 2 mm 100 cm ATLace circ as a minimum).

From my comment there:

We popped down to the Shoreham shop (http://www.englishyarns.co.uk/) and bought me a 2 mm 100 cm Addi Turbo needle which DOES.NOT.BEND but I found a little blunt and so then I ordered a 2 mm 80 cm Addi Turbo Lace needle from Pavi (as English Yarns do not sell Addi Turbo Lace) and I.AM.IN.LOVE! Pointy enough to do k3tog tbl easily and without bending!

I currently use Knitpro / Knitpicks Nova metal (nickel plated) circulars but am finding that my knitting style means that they bend easily. 2.25 mm do not, it is only the 2 mm circs. I have already tried the wooden/Symphonie 2mm circ (I fear that I will snap it and so stop using it) and am now considering trying their plastic/Spectra 2mm circ (but getknitted.com, my usual knitting supplier, does not stock them any more other than in the interchangeable set that does not go down to 2 mm) and their new Cubics wooden needles with a square cross section do not go down to 2 mm other than as DPNs (well, as far as getknitted.com in forms me). Maybe I need to try another manufacturer/brand of circ.

So, can anyone recommend a 2 mm circular needle (80 cm long and 100 cm long are the lengths I usually use) that is sturdy enough for my somewhat rough handling?

Edited to add: I am retrying my 2 mm Symphonie circ and it even copes with me doing k2tog without (so far) snapping – although I may be knitting more gingerly – time will tell!

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