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Notes about converting a flat pattern to in-the-round

I have just read the section in A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G Walker about converting stitch patterns written for flat / back-and-forth knitting to be knit in-the-round (Adapting Patterns for Circular Knitting, page xxix) and thought I would make a few notes here for my own reference (and maybe of use to others but reading the book is the best plan!):

a) Omit edge stitches, e.g. the “plus y” portion of the “Multiple of x plus y sts.”
b) If these edge stitches vary per row then chart the pattern for clarity.
c) WS rows -> RS rows:

  • K <-> P.
  • Sl wyif <-> Sl wyib.
  • Read from end to start of row, reversed.
  • Charting helps.
  • K2tog <-> P2tog.
  • SSK <-> P2tog-b (tbl).

What I would love to know and which BGW only alludes to, though, is how to convert a stitch pattern between bottom-up and top-down especially increases and decreases. I know most stitches are symmetrical vertically (e.g. K, P, yo) but these (and maybe others?) are not. Does anyone have any clever conversions for SSK, K2tog, SKP and the myriad of increases when converting from knitting up a chart to down a chart?

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