Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Feathery Socks Prototype

Feathery Socks Prototype

Feathery Socks Prototype

Copied from my Ravelry project for this design-in-progress:

My newest 72st lace sock design. Based on Feather Pattern, A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, Barbara G Walker, p 194, but heavily modified such that it is pretty much a new stitch pattern.

Having bought Intwined Studio on Tuesday is making the design process even more fun and productive!

Intwined Studio may not be as fully featured as other more expensive knitting design software and there are a number of things I would change given the chance (and I fully intend to feed back my thoughts to the developers – I am not called The pedantic software and website tester from heck for nothing!) but we could not afford the more expensive software at $185 (USD) and this was only $44 and so I can put up with a few niggles.

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