Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

[Pattern] Bottom-up camelbak cozy


Cast on 6 st on the two ends of a circ, magic-loop style using Judy’s Magic Cast-on.

1: K6.
2: (inc+K) around (12 st).
3: (K, inc+K) around (18 st).
4: (K2, inc+K) around (24 st).
5: (K3, inc+K) around (30 st).
6: (K4, inc+K) around (36 st).
7: (K5, inc+K) around (42 st).
8: (K6, inc+K) around (48 st).
9: (K7, inc+K) around (54 st).
10: (K8, inc+K) around (60 st).
11: K60.

Then knit mistake rib all around until the cozy is long enough (23 or 24 cm for my camelbak) and cast off. Either cast off loosely or cast off in i-cord.

Abbreviations and stitch patterns:

inc+K = increase and knit into the next st. Instead of “kfb” which can leave a more lumpy effect, I used the “pull the loop below the next st up onto the left needle, knit this loop and then knit the st it was below” method of increase.

Mistake rib (repeat these two rows):
a: (K2, P2) all round.
b: (K1, P2, K1) all around.



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