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[repost/reblog] Siamese needs home in DFW area!

Originally posted by naamah_darling at Siamese needs home in DFW area!

Via [personal profile] ashbet:

This is Barnaby. As you can see, he is staggeringly handsome. He's about six, neutered, housebroken, and sweet as can be. He also needs a home in the Dallas area, though transportation three or four hours farther afield can be arranged.

Problem is, he's FIV+, meaning he will live a normal lifespan, but cannot be around other non-FIV+ cats.

He is being kept in a fosterer's bathroom, and is understandably sad about this.

I know a lot of y'all are Texas people, or know Texas people. If you could spread the word to help find him a home, that'd be awesome.

More info here.

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