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Reposted from a comment I made on an LJFriend's friends-locked post about menstruation and birth control as I don't think I have written about this before (although I may have done and just forgotten!):

Oestrogen makes me really psychotic (the oestrogen-based HBCs and even my own oestrogen - my periods would make me psychotic, well beyond just PMS) and worsens my multiple sclerosis symptoms but it took us (GPs and MS Neurologists) years to work this out and then only because my BSc Biochemistry gave me the "tools" to work it out for myself and tell the doctors. It is now well known in the UK medical establishment that HBC is not for all women and that HBC and other oestrogen medications can be harmful to some women. I have not had kids but do not want kids (and do not have the spoons to be able to raise kids).

First we tried progesterone-only HBC and that worked a little but I would still get breakthrough bleeding (I have never had a regular cycle with bleeds at random (a week apart to four months apart) and for random lengths of time (two days, light and painful to two months heavy and clotted with almost no pain)). I have had an endometrial ablation and have a Mirena IUD and since then apart from a tiny amount of spotting when the IUD needs changing (my body often "eats" the progesterone as fast as in 18 months instead of the 5 years the IUD is supposed to last) I have not had a bleed or the cramps, pain, or PMS.

I am not suggesting that you do what we did but that you get a second or third opinion until something works for you. I know the medical system is different in the US and that you are 'lucky' to have more control over your treatment choices (we get what we are given to some extent in the UK because it is "free" and paid for by our taxes / government).

I do think that I should do a post about this on my LJ sometime, though, because I end up retyping it so many times in comments to people like here! ;-p

Here's hoping that you and your doctor(s) can work out a system that works for you.

P.S. I have recently found out that along with PCOS (which I already knew I had) I have endometriosis (which I had always suspected but had never been tested for). Both of which explain a lot of my menstrual history. That one vaginal/internal ultrasound (not my first) that they finally got right told us a lot!

P.P.S. These are only my observations about my body's and metabolism's reactions to medications that I have taken in the past. We are all different (especially out metabolisms!) and so any advice from anyone about what worked for them is just that - something that worked for THEM. For example, caffeine makes me sleepy. The antidepressant I am on most people take at night because it makes them sleepy but I have to take when I wake up because it stops me being sleepy. ;-p
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