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Originally posted by siliconshaman at VIPR, TSA and TN

TSA setting up checkpoints on the roads, starting in Tennessee. [ link ]

I suppose it figures... they've got the planes, trains and buses covered. There's not too many other venues to instil fear and paranoia left.

How long before the risk of being 'randomly' stopped in the street, asked for your papers, and escorted off for a jolly government sponsored grope and a night in the interrogation room, becomes part of daily life? How long before the police can stop&search you whenever they like for whatever reason or even no reason, when city centres are under constant complete surveillance via CCTV on every rooftop, your every move tracked by facial and gait recognition, your purchases logged and your internet access monitored.

Oh wait, my bad... that's today in the UK.

Funny how I don't feel any safer.
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