Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Oh, yes, I know it is not just me…

So, yes, my life is a mess since the day I was born. Don't cry for me, Brazil, somebody had to get this slice of pie. I could be a starving child in Africa, as my mother would be fast to remind me. Well, MOM, their life sucks. I just happen to state that my life does as well. This COULDN'T have been meant to be. And what comes next? Don't tell me it can't get worse. I have heard that before. HA! Good times.

A Stellarlife: Mistake of Nature Here. I Should Not Have Been.

Note: This was a quote (hence the quote marks) from the linked blog post by another PwMS (person with MS). ;-p
Tags: life, ms

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