Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Last straw!

After yet another episode yesterday where the doorbell rang while I was asleep (and "luckily" did not have earplugs in so I heard it and it woke me up), I put on my bath-robe and carefully walked down the two flights of stairs (doing my best not to slip or fall while still half-asleep) only to find, once I opened the front-door, that there was nobody there and nobody in sight within any distance that they could have rung the door and just walked off (e.g. at another door nearby - I called out, "HELLO?!"), I have replaced the faded and hand-written sign that was taped to the front door by the doorbell but was obviously not working with the following:


Of course, now I am writing this I remember that I had wanted to add something about the doorbell not sounding at the front door but that it sounds on both of the other two floors…

P.S. Walking down two flights of stairs and back up again for no good reason uses up most of a day's spoons!
Tags: doorbell

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