Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Writer's Block: These are a few of my favorite things, or not.

What do you like most about LiveJournal?

How they leave things alone and don't add new, un-needed "features" (bugs!) when it is working perfectly already! Oh, wait,…

How they almost never introduce bugs with said feature additions and always fix bugs immediately if they do. Oh, wait,…

No, I won't be leaving because of my anonymously gifted (thank you again whomever it was!) permanent account, despite this level of fail. Yes, I get that DreamWidth and many of the other LJ clones are better and less over-commercialised but I have unpaid accounts there so, until LJ completely jumps the shark or goes tits-up (odds on which happens first?), I will be here and just back up to DW and a few offline places.

The question I answered here, in case they change it (which they have done before), was, "What do you like most about LiveJournal?"
Tags: livejournal, writer's block

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