Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Writer's Block: Shhh… Don’t tell

Do you keep your LiveJournal a secret from someone?

The question I answered here, in case they change it (which they have done before), was, "Do you keep your LiveJournal a secret from someone?"

Nope. I am pretty open about its existence. I am even a little unhappy that some people I wish would read it, in their own words, "Can't be bothered!" My LJ (and its distillation of my Twitter account(s)) is my way of only 'telling one person (the web) something once' so that I don't have to remember to tell other people and so those that do not "bother" to read it and then complain that I don't call them or tell them about my life, well, it is their loss because the information is here is they "bother" to read it!
Tags: blogging, livejournal, twitter, writer's block

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