Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

I have cracked it!

Copy/paste from "today's" 750words post:

02:10: I have just changed my settings here on to say that I am on Pacific US time rather than London time because I seem to wake/sleep mainly on west coast USian time and this site ticking over at midnight London time was meaning that I could not manage my writing day to fit within the few hours between when I wake (often after noon) and when the site was forcing the "day" to end at midnight. Add to that being away from my keyboard for dinner and a couple of TV shows every evening and my writing time dwindled away even before you take into account that I would only remember to write more after London midnight had passed and the site had decided that I had failed. So. Let's see how Seattle time works for me. I can always change the settings again to another timezone if this does not work. My Dashboard world clock tells me that it is almost 18:15 in Seattle and so they are eight hours behind the UK. I hope I can make this work.

Except I don't think that Seattle time is the right one to be using because I am off to bed now and it is only about 19:40 there. I will try to do the maths and work out the time zone that I am the most aligned to tomorrow.
Tags: 750 words

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