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Arthritic cat is on top of the world after owners build him a spiral staircase to get over garden fence
When Tom, a ginger tabby cat, developed arthritis, his owners, Adrienne Ellery and Gareth Bowen, were worried he wouldn’t get enough exercise. Bowen saw Tom struggle to climb the fence he uses to get around the neighborhood. Some days, he would make it, but would still face an eight-foot jump upon returning home. Bowen decided to build Tom a staircase. Ellery thought he was crazy.

At first, Tom didn’t know what to make of the new device. Ellery put some food on each step to entice him up. Soon, Tom was walking up the steps like he’d been doing it all his life.

“It’s great because it means he’s not stuck in the house and can be sociable with the other local cats,” said Bowen.

“When Gareth told me what he wanted to do I was astonished and thought he was a bit mad,” said Ellery. “But it’s made all the difference to the cat. It means he can get around the neighbourhood and as he’s getting older it’s important for his quality of life.”
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