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  • Tue, 17:11: RT @graceishuman: RT @iAmOshun: Please RT My niece is missing. If you are in the NY Tri-State area please help. via ...
  • Tue, 17:34: Check out my Tiny Tower! #tinytower
  • Tue, 19:54: RT @LucyTweeting: new system worse than current system and self employment will have additional burdens on it #WRB
  • Tue, 19:54: RT @latentexistence: "Small business owners starting up for the first time often do not start earning until much later." << And do ...
  • Tue, 19:55: RT @disabledmedic: "I've never heard anyone speak this way about any government reform...they're petrified and terrified" #wrb
  • Tue, 19:55: RT @LucyTweeting: Govt to replace DLA with PIP, and those with Parkinsons who are on lower DLA will lose benefit completely. and then bl ...
  • Tue, 19:56: I wonder about those of us with multiple sclerosis.
  • Wed, 00:27: Catching up on tonight's CSI: Miami on Demand5. Cally stripping down a sniper rifle FTW!
  • Wed, 01:14: Listening to Heligoland by Massive Attack is really helping me to chill out and calm down. Sometimes all you can do is write it down and out
  • Wed, 01:50: Am I unusual in that music that makes me feel angry and defiant makes me happier?
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