Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Recent days and changes

In recent days I have had a bunch of hospital and doctors appointments, bought some knitting design software (not the expensive one, for now) and cancelled/suspended my World of Warcraft account (because each time I log into WoW I check the auction house, mailboxes and then… can't think of what I am interested enough to do and so I just log out again). I seem to be totally absorbed with knitting, designing and knitting some more, so much so that that is all I want to be doing!

This is what I am working on tonight: Feathery Socks Prototype. Also, the other day my first non-free knitting pattern went up for sale on Ravelry: Pine Hills Scarf is a pattern that I have knitted a few times and people have commented that it is pretty - you can now buy the pattern for only £3 GBP and make the scarf for yourself!
Tags: design, doctors, hospital, knitting, life, patterns, software, warcraft, wow

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