Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Some T.M.I.

Yet another night of not being able to sleep due to weird IBS-like MonSter caused (maybe?) gut symptoms and I have come to a realisation. It does not matter what I eat. Sometimes X food will upset my guts and sometimes it won't. Yes, there are some foods that always aggravate my refluxitis and cows milk is pretty much always going to make my gut VERY unhappy, but this is not predictable enough to work out even after years of experimentation.

Other than that we have the MonSter symptom that means I have a similar reflex that a baby has ("the urge to defecate following a meal" - gastrocolic reflex?) which means that x minutes/hours (it is variable and as unpredictable as anything else the MonSter throws at me) after I eat I need to go to the loo/bathroom. NOW. With varying pain and explosiveness.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I should just eat what I want to, enjoy it and perhaps suffer for it later because I might suffer anyway whatever I eat!


Add to that the fact that I am still wide awake and not even tired at 05:59 and my new and more local MS Nurse will be visiting at 14:30 and you have a pretty uncomfortable but productively knitting Natalie. I guess I will have to nap after she goes?
Tags: tmi

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