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I aged a year on Thursday 4th

I have always felt that the tradition of celebrating your birthday is a little irrational. You don't suddenly age a year overnight. I do actually like the tradition of birthdays, though, and celebrated the 44th anniversary of my birth on Thursday 4th August.

We went to visit Mum in the afternoon. She cut my hair SHORT! I LOVE it! Also, she modelled a pair of socks that I had designed and knitted for her so that I have photos for the pattern once I hopefully sell it. I hope my legs look that good at her age!

That said, we did not stay as long as she might have liked (we never do, to be honest, nothing is enough) because we had somewhere else to be in the evening and needed to eat before we went out again to that.

BattleQuest Games is a games shop in Horsham that just happens to be run by a guy I went to 6th form with. It was the monthly (or so) boardgames evening and I was looking forward to playing some games for the first time in a few years. It turned out that another blast from the past was there (someone that hubby and I know from our 'Magic: The Gathering' tournament judging pasts) who has moved to Horsham in the last few years - what a tiny universe we live in!

I was feeling pretty good (having saved up my spoons for the previous few days) and was able to absorb the rules for a couple of new-to-me games (Witch's Brew and Moo - a card game that I can't find on BoardgameGeek although it did remind me a little of Bohnanza) but then my brain started to ooze out of my ears and so I could not cope with learning any more game rules (and I had not taken any knitting with me!) so, while the other 4 in our group played 7 Wonders and got to grips with the pretty complex rules (well, three of them had played before but one was having almost as hard a time of it as I would have!), I played with my new Rory's Story Cubes which is what hubby bought me for my birthday (also here). I also bought the Story Cubes iPhone app later that night.

From the website:
Rory’s Story Cubes® in its simplest form is a storytelling game – an infinite story generator, providing hours of imaginative play for all ages.

9 cubes, 54 images, 10,000,000+ combinations, unlimited stories!
Roll the cubes.

Begin with ‘Once upon a time’, and tell a story that links together all 9 face-up images. Start with the first symbol that grabs your attention.
Rory’s Story Cubes® can be enjoyed solitaire or by taking turns with multiple players.

Remember there is no wrong answer, the goal is to let the cubes spark your imagination.
It really is that simple!

So, I have an idea. Now and then (when I remember) I will post a picture of a Story Cubes dice cast (either the real dice or, more likely due to ease of photographing and posting, from the iPhone app) and the story or story-start that it has inspired. If it is a partial story, I will invite others to finish the story. Even if it is a full story, I will invite other interpretations of the dice. I will probably be posting these "prompt" pictures to my flickr even if I don't post them here. Does that sound like fun to you?
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