Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

"Part I: Survivor’s Rights & Responsibilities"

Spotted on Alexandra Erin (alexandraerin)'s Tumblr feed (alexerintumblr) and quoted in full (with the source PDF linked at the bottom):
Part I: Survivor’s Rights & Responsibilities
As a survivor of abuse, in any of its forms, I have the right to:
1. Name rape, incest, sexual molestation, assault, battery, domestic violence, and all forms of abuse in all its forms.
2. Feel angry, hurt, sad, loving, or forgiving of my perpetrator(s), and any friend(s) or family who has collaborated with the violence.
3. Speak about my abuse.
4. Have a space to reflect on my personal history without judgment.
5. The physical and psychological care that is necessary for surviving trauma.
6. A safe and secure home.
7. Safe relationships with family, friends, partners, lovers and service providers.
8. Confront perpetrators and those who have participated in violations and abuses.
9. Leave.
10. Take action to stop the abuse.
11. Feel beautiful and loveable.
12. Love and be loved.
As a survivor of abuse, in any of its forms, I have the responsibility to:
1. Take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually–whatever that means for me.
2. Reflect on the ways abuse has affected me and to seek appropriate forms of support.
3. Understand the sources of my pain.
4. Interrupt patterns of abuse and self-abuse in my own behaviour that hurt me and/or others.
5. Take full responsibility for my choices and behaviours.
6. Reach out to other survivors as a source of support or to provide support.
7. Live my life to the best of my abilities and with the goal of reaching my full potential.
8. Stay present to myself and to my needs.
9. Form healthy relationships that nourish me.
10. Claim my own desire.
11. Accept my beauty, power, strengths, weaknesses and humanity in the world.
12. Survive my history, circumstances and violations.
The Revolution Starts At Home: Confronting Partner Abuse In Activist Communities
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