Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Part 746349587 in a series of un-yelled rants

Dear neighbour below,

Yes, you are lucky enough to have a small garden space. Yes, it was early Saturday evening when you started playing loud music and laughing/shrieking/yelling at each other in the garden. Then you went out and all was quiet again.

Yes, I did not hold my breath. No, 00:40 am, when you rolled back home loudly talking and playing music again, is not still Saturday night, it is freakin' early on Sunday morning! Yes, I am nocturnal and "work" at my hobbies at night. However, you have two children and the neighbours around us have children as well. Hubby was woken up. You are *still* sitting out in the garden gossiping, shrieking and laughing. There is tinny (maybe smartphone?) music playing and it is now 02:35 am. GO TO BED! Or, at least, GO INSIDE and/or SHUT UP!!!!


And now they are singing along with said tinny music. I know firearms are illegal in the UK but does anyone have a shotgun I can shoot over their heads please?!

Also, do they realise that I can hear every word they are saying up here (second floor UK or third floor US) WITH MY WINDOW SHUT?!?!?!


I have just heard hubby stir again so the singing woke him up again. And now they are on the eldest child's trampoline.

*sigh* as a trampoline coach (and so responsible for trampoline safety when coaching), even lapsed, I actually hope they hurt themselves enough that they go inside.

This is me as a bitter and angry old woman at almost-44.

ETA: P.S. They seem to have gone indoors! I can hear the tawny owls again!
Tags: rant

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