Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

A TMI comment else-LJ

I left this comment in reply to a comment from eseme in a comment thread on this "Spots the Space Marine" web-fiction post haikujaguar's LJ:

For the record, and for haikujaguar's reference, I have always thought of taking anything to the point of stopping ones menses as extreme and alarming.

Personally (and potentially off topic - apologies to haikujaguar for thread-creep), once my doctors and I realised that my totally random lack-of-"cycle" and wildly varying flow and pain levels (bleeding for three weeks or two days or three months with awful cramps or no pain and a VERY heavy flow that made me anaemic or a very light flow and no regularity so no way to predict the 'event') also worsened my multiple sclerosis, clinical depression and PCOS symptoms for varying lengths of time at varying intervals we looked for any solution to this. We had already worked out that HBC containing oestrogen just made everything worse whilst turning me into a whirling dervish of anger and aggression so that was not an option. We tried a progesterone-only HBC and that did not help. In the end (and as the final solution we tried before going all the way to a full hysterectomy) we tried a Mirena IUD and that WORKED! When I started to break through the hormonal control offered by the third or fourth Mirena (my body metabolises medications differently to most other people - I "use up" the progesterone in a Mirena within 18 months instead of the usual 4-5 years) we added an endometrial ablation to the mix and the combination of the ablation and Mirena have worked thus far. I want to avoid a hysterectomy if possible because I have taken steroids for the MS in the past and so am at risk of osteoporosis as it is. I personally would take "stop-thats" or any other medication if it enabled me to live my life with sanity and more balanced health than I have experienced from age 12 until my ablation surgery. I do understand that you and many other women see menstruation as natural and so beneficial but then, arsenic and cyanide are natural and I think you will agree that they are not beneficial!
Sorry to haikujaguar for hijacking the thread and sorry to eseme if it seems like I am attacking you but I felt it important to put the other side of the coin - the story for those of us where menstruation is *not* beneficial and, without modern medicine, would have killed us by now, in more ways than just by haemorrhagic blood loss.
Tags: health, medical, my-life

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