Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Emily was screaming again

(Alternate title, "Emily of the infinite scream." I may extend this into, "The girl who screamed wolf.")

Emily was screaming again. Her piercing squeal was so high pitched that dogs and bats instantly had migraine headaches triggered but the most important target of the sound-beacon, her mother, could hear her due to the broad spectrum and high frequency of said alarm-noise. Most nearby human adults also developed earache or a headache the instant her broadcast began and, accordingly, the world around Emily focussed on her and her wishes— which had, of course, been the whole point of the exercise as far as Emily was sub-consciously concerned.

Her shrieks, at age four, were still a more instant and easy for her to use substitute for many words and phrases that were slower to bring to mind and to voice. Sometimes, instead, her spoken words would rise in tone to become yet another scream, either to gain attention from the adults or to vent frustration at not having access to words and phrases that would better express what she wanted to say.
Why worry that language was slow and difficult to learn when a simple piercing scream would instantly have an adult at your beck and shriek, ready to ask you what was wrong and if XXX was the problem so that the only words you needed to be able to use were, "Yes," and "No." In this way your needed vocabulary was conveniently reduced to those two words and an occasional screamed, "Mummmmmmeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" with rising tone and volume as it, yet again, became a scream.

More vocal than her mum's friend's two-year-old, who can also scream with the best of them yet does so less often, she has no need for any more words than that whilst she still has access to her arsenal of shrieks, squeals and screams. The mummy answers to the latter more reliably than the calling of her name, anyway.

311 words according to Scrivener.

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