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30 Days of Creativity: Day 6

Today I have:

  • Written a poetry snippet which may or may not lead to more.

  • Knitted, frogged and restarted my Happy Pisces Catnip Socks.

  • Been to an orthoptist appointment down in Chichester.

  • Been to Brighton with hubby and bought some yummy brown ink for my Lamy Safari pen(s) (J. Herbin Terre de Feu). For some reason my writing is more fluent in brown or green pen and my Safari F is such a smooth writing pen!

  • Had a headache for 20+ hours now at #paincount=7 or 8.

Yeah, okay, the last three are not really creativity but they do explain more about my day and I suppose the ink is relevant to my creativity…

I must take a photo of my pens and notepads other than my moleskine photo (userpic). Did I already say that another day?

If you liked this and would like to encourage me to do this more often, you could add something to the tip-jar (donate button) which would help us out a lot. Thank you for reading!

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