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  • Fri, 11:15: iPhone just turned itself off with the spinny fan icon AGAIN. this time when I was using a built in app! :(
  • Fri, 11:16: When it does that it still has about 95% battery or more and will not turn on again without an external power source. :(
  • Fri, 11:17: Luckily I now carry hubby's mophie battery pack, even if it IS heavy.
  • Fri, 11:20: Yes, I have tried a factory reset/restore. No, it is not jailbroken. Yes, I maybe in the market for a new phone/tablet. No, ENOFUNDS. *sigh*
  • Fri, 11:43: RT @PositiveAboutMS: Interesting article... Children Diagnosed With MS On Rise - North Of The River News Story - KERO Bakersfield http:/ ...
  • Fri, 11:44: One good thing about this library, despite no wifi there is great 3G coverage!
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    Wed, 11:09: NHS workers in Scotland will get a 4% pay rise. I've just signed the petition demanding @ MattHancock and @ RishiSunak give #NHS

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    Mon, 22:20: RT @ essuu: What the cat said !

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    Thu, 08:11: I've signed the @ 38_degrees petition calling on @ pritipatel and the @ ukhomeoffice to close the Napier barracks - which are…

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