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I can log into my Fictionwise Bookshelf using the eReaderPro app on my iPhone but not using the Stanza app on my iPhone or the website, for some reason. Why is this? :(

I used to read books on my Palm (III, V and eventually TungstenT) using eReaderPro and built up a sizeable bookshelf at Fictionwise bought eReader back in the depths of history (a few years ago) and/or became I forget the details and/or when it happened. I do remember converting my account to a account. Now seems to have reappeared and my bookshelf is still there if I log in, as it is if I log into my Fictionwise bookshelf inside the eReaderPro app on my iPhone. I cannot use that account to log into my Fictionwise bookshelf within the Stanza iPhone app, though, or to log into which I know I used to be able to do because the login details are in 1Password for that site. I call this mess a FAIL. Dunno about you…

All this banging my head on my desk is giving me a headache (well, I am not really doing that but I still have a splitting weather-head).

Almost instant response (twice for some reason):

Response for Support Ticket #148428
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I did a little checking on the Lexcycle website, and it appears that eReader-formatted ebooks (PDB format) might be uploadable to Stanza using a different method:

The following is quoted from this Lexcycle Stanza FAQ page:

Using iTunes:

In Stanza 3.0 and higher, you can transfer your ePub, eReader, PDF, CBR, and DjVu book files to & from your desktop PC by iTunes by dragging files into the "Stanza Documents" part of the "File Sharing" section at the bottom of the "Apps" tab that appears when you select your iPad from the "Devices" list in iTunes. This option is only available for devices running iOS 3.2 and higher (available now for the iPad, and will be available for the iPhone and iPod in late June).

Is it possible that this could be a work-around for you that will allow you to avoid the certificate issue until it is fixed? It looks like this method works without you having to log in to your Fictionwise account through the Stanza app itself.

Please try using our eReader application as well.

Best Regards,

Fictionwise Support Team

So, fast response and useful info. I will probably still use the eReaderPro app though because I already have the bookshelf downloaded there. I had just hoped to combine all of my reading into one app but seeing as I use GoodReader for PDFs and the Kindle app as well, that seems to be a futile/wasted wish!
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