Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Technical query

I have posted a support request (as follows), before anyone suggests that I do that. I am just hoping that someone that reads this might know how to do it:

How can I create posts on my LiveJournal that are sourced from one of my other sites / RSS feeds (in this case )? The source is my content as well as the destination LJ being mine (permanent).

I have a feeling that one or two of you may already use such a post-creation automation and I know there are a number of ways of posting Twitter streams to LJ and so I hope that LJ provides a method for this. That said, I won't be holding my breath.

I have been finishing so many knitted items recently that I am running out of yarn but it also means that I am not posting about them on LJ but the above feed is an RSS feed of my FOs on Ravelry and so I wondered if there was some way to get the RSS feed to create entries on my LJ. I thought of something like feedburner and the LJ email posting method but am unsure how I could confirm my email LJ posting email address if feedburner was to ask for a confirmation reply/click.

Then again, I guess those of you that are interested in my FOs could just add the LJ feed that I have just created (natalief_ravfos) but it would be nice to get all of my 'content' into my permanent account (this one).
Tags: feeds, livejournal, rss

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