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I use an Oxford L6 or A6 Office Book (wire bound non=perf lined paper, 90 pages, 110 x 170 mm) but I cannot find these in the shops or on your website any more. It is the perfect notebook for me. where can I buy more of them? If, by any chance, you no longer make them, which of your notebooks is the nearest equivalent?

<rhetorical>Why do companies always seem to discontinue the one product that I love the most?</rhetorical>


ETA: I am guessing that the new 'Antimocrobial' range might be the one to look at. They do "A4, A5, Pocket size and Reporter wirebound formats" with "soft cover or a flexible and lightweight, yet durable, polypropylene cover."

P.S. The twitter link on switches my twitter access pages to displaying in japanese and then says "Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!" Also, their facebook page, whilst accessible to this non-facebook-user, consists of a large broken image (i.e. image not found). LOL Great marketing!
Tags: customer service, products

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