Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Ravelry: natalieford's Whisper Bear

copy/paste from my Ravelry project page:

Have had this kit for ages.

This yarn is a NIGHTMARE to knit with, especially if you need to tink or frog because the eyelashes hold on to each other!! :( The included plastic knitting needles are awful. It is a little easier with my KnitPro/KnitPicks nickel plated needles (using a circ that I already had) as long as I don't slip / drop stitches. I have to pay close attention to the knitting and cannot watch TV or read at the same time. I am sure it will be worth it!

Having frogged and restarted four times I have got used to the yarn a little bit and HOW MUCH I HATE IT at least… It will be a cold day in hell before I ever knit with an eyelash yarn again, mark my words.

Trying to work out from the pattern if the purl side of the knitted fabric goes outside when making up the bear because that seems to e the fluffiest side. Maybe it is up to me.

Also, when the pattern says, for example, (Kx, inc knitwise into the next st) y times (z st), what it really means is, (Kx, inc knitwise into next st and then K the st) y times (z st), because that is the only way that the x, y and z work out correctly given the previous z st count. How misleadingly worded! In actual fact, I am mentally rewording inc knitwise into next st as kfb. a) easier to read and b) it just works.

I have found another error and they do not provide any errata. Where, in the instructions for the Right Leg, the pattern says:
(K4, inc knitways in next st, K1, inc knitways in each of next 2 sts, K1, inc knitways in next st, K5) twice (40 sts)
…what you actually need to do to make the number of stitches work out (and this took me quite some time to work out but is logical in retrospect):
(K5, inc knitways in next st, K1, inc knitways in each of next 2 sts, K1, inc knitways in next st, K5) twice (40 sts)
…which would be better written as:
(K5, kfb, K1, kfb x 2, K1, kfb, K5) twice (40 sts)

What the hell kind of word is knitways, anyway?! Surely that should be knitwise?

Another gripe, they do not use row numbers and so keeping track of where you are is a PITA. I am tempted to spend time and pedantry rewriting the whole pattern as a public service to people trying to knit it!

All this may explain the rating that I give this pattern/kit. The bear is lovely/cute but the pattern/kit is a MONSTER!

I needed to get that off my chest! Now I need to stuff and sew up the finished-knitting-it bear and deliver it to its new home!

I think that Patons UK need to employ both a test-knitter and a copy-editor.
Tags: knitting, ravelry

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