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Feed – Mira Grant | Fantasy Faction

A great review of a great book that I have recently read in Kindle format (badly OCRed from the paper format by Aazon, I think, because there were typos and other errors that no author or editor would allow into print).

Feed – Mira Grant | Fantasy Faction

My comment there is still awaiting moderation:

My name is NatalieF and I am a Mira Grant -aholic after only one reading of Feed. I cannot wait for the next Newsfeed book to be available as an eBook in the UK. It grabbed me, chewed me up, broke my heart before the end and made me sob and sob before it spat me out, totally numb but in a good way. Feed is by far one of the best books I have ever read.

Buy and read Feed by Mira Grant (the alter ego of seanan_mcguire) if you have any interest in blogging, politics (I don't but I still liked this book), zombies, virology and other issues of immunology and pandemics or you just like a non-stop, action-filled but also deeper-thinking read! Do it now!
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