Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Medical and medication disclaimer

Copy/paste for reference from brightlotusmoon (who used to be rosefox8):

Disclaimer: My body is not your body. My brain is not your brain. My medical issues probably differ from your medical issues. My sensitivities and reactions to medicines whether pharmaceutical, non-traditional, herbal, supplemental, or nutritional may differ from your sensitivities and reactions. Do not insist that you can cure me. Do not tell me that any of the medicines I take are wrong, fake, or bad. Understand that when I talk about non-pharmaceutical treatments, I am talking about them from my personal perspective and I am not trying to push those treatments on you. If you cannot respect any part of this disclaimer, please refrain from commenting.

I have asked for (and received) permission to plagiarise/reuse this and am putting it here for now while I think about where to post it and whether/how to edit/adapt it. I think I may end up with it as a text file on my website that I can then link to using TextExpander, like I do for the following: *hugs*
Tags: disclaimer, medical, medication, meds

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