Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Knitting, videoing and videoing myself knitting

I have been wanting, for ages, to video myself knitting from my point of view, i.e. so that the viewer can see what I see as I knit, give or take a few degrees of viewing angle. I thought of something earlier that involved gripping my Kodak HD Zx1 digital video camera using the legs of the GorillaPod and holding the GorillaPod and camera in front of my face by gripping the part of the GorillaPod that would screw into a camera my teeth/mouth.

Well, it worked. I can see my knitting and, if I squint, I can see the screen on the camera to check framing. The camera does not seem to like to focus that close, thought and I may get better footage during daylight, so I will try again if I am ever awake during daylight one day.

I have also taken a short piece of video using the iMac's built in iSight webcam and iMovie that shows how clumsy this setup is (the camera is pretty heavy after a minute or two!) despite it taking a pretty perfect point-of-view angle of video.

I am now trying (unsuccessfully to be honest) to work out how to splice the two videos together and add subtitles to it (I cannot talk when I have the camera in my mouth!). Once I work all of that out I may take some more footage in anger.

I may excerpt some stills to flickr and update this post (or post a new post here). I may also work out how to upload/post/stream/YouTube/flickr/Vimeo these clips for your amusement. Don't hold your breath though!

This post is brought to you by the indecisive and repetitive use of the word "may".

P.S. Is it me or does the word "videoing" look wrong? It is probably just me…
Tags: knitting, tech, video

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