Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Condensed from twitter with added ranting

Condensed from my last three @natdaylog tweets on Twitter:

So far 'today', I have eaten two Alpro yogs, some pitta and pâté, taken a nap and totally forgotten to do my jab or take my meds. This heat melts my brain and it is all I can do to remember to drink and maybe knit and/or sleep. It was 31℃ in the shade in my room today. I really need to move to the arctic circle in the summer. *splat* Or air conditioning. Yeah. Right. I'll get right on with the whole "winning the lottery" pipe-dream, then.

I am finally cool enough to eat (said pitta and pâté) and think, let alone read. I had played a little WoW before I got too hot to breathe (so it seemed) despite open window, closed curtains, spinning desk fan and running chiller. Yeah, no AC here. I then stood in a cold shower for a while and escaped to a slightly cooler room (sans computer but with added DAYTIME-TEEVEE!!!!!) for a little while before giving up and falling asleep again. The "So far 'today'" above was after waking up at lunchtime-is and falling asleep again before 1800.

Now, sitting here, knitting and reading the intarwebz, there is a nice cool breeze on my almost bare legs (yes, I *am* still in my sleep shorts) but it is *still* 23℃ on my desk. I remember when watching the TV weather forecasts and considering 20℃ a good/warm day. Now it is a nice cool night. Yeah, I wish. There is no wonder that I get more done at night when it is cool enough to think/breathe.

In a totally related (by my now being able to read and think) aside, when did "kebab" become "kabob" and "chilli" become "chili" or even "chile"? I understand how "courgette" is sometimes called "zucchini" and "coriander" (chopped leaf herb in the UK used in curries) is in some places called "cilantro" and confuses many by getting mixed up with "coriander seed" a totally different herb/condiment/part of the plant.

Tags: language-creep, ranting

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