Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 04-17-2011

  • 05:26:56: Yup, still awake. Did not remember #meds4 until about 3 am. They've not kicked in yet, though.
  • 07:38:20: #stillawake but getting sleepy, although I am going to have to feed the cats because I always go to the loo before I go to bed …
  • 07:40:06: … and if I go to the loo the cats will start yowling & wake hubby. I will at least give them their first lot of food & leave hubby a note
  • 17:43:21: #wakingup woken by bladder.
  • 18:00:17: So, about 10 hours #sleep after about 13 hours #sleep.
  • 18:00:46: Note to self: only reuse disposable #earplugs a couple of times otherwise you can hear hubby's WoW and kids outside through them.
  • 18:01:51: My 10 hours sleep was interspersed with moments of wakefulness from said lower-functioning reused disposable #earplugs.
  • 18:03:20: I seem to be totally nocturnal again today although there *is* still light out there. I also have a mild headache/eye-pain #paincount = 4.
  • 18:14:33: #paracetamol

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