Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 04-15-2011

  • 01:17:29: RT @natalief: “@KarenOVasquez: You don't have to have Lupus to be a #Spoonie.” Indeed! I am a #spoonie and have Multiple Sclerosis. It i ...
  • 01:46:29: RT @natalief: Indeed, anyone with any diagnosis of a condition with chronic fatigue symptoms can consider themselves a #spoonie
  • 01:46:35: RT @natalief: … but not everyone who just feels a bit more tired than usual, IMO. #spoonie
  • 02:12:23: Have taken #meds4. Am running a sweat/fever and feeling nauseous. No real reason I can think of. #colpermin
  • 02:47:10: Colpermin is starting to work but I think I will still skip the meal I was considering having soon: avocado and (cold, cooked) chicken salad
  • 03:45:33: Guts are really dodgy feeling again. Seems to come and go. Headache too and feverish. Going to try to sleep now. #bed
  • 11:26:58: #wakingup
  • 11:28:16: 7 hours #sleep. Not bad.
  • 14:54:06: #copaxone TL 1145, #meds1, #meds2, #meal1 (Alpro yog). Now drowsy. Weather told my head yesterday it would rain but still just threatening.
  • 17:18:55: Had #meal2 (chicken & avocado salad) and some Dr Pepper. SO sleepy now, not just drowsy. #nap Wish this weather would break to freshen air.
  • 17:38:42: Nasty weather-head. Feels like eyeballs about to explode and my shoulders & neck/nape are in an invisible iron maiden. #paincount = 5.

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