Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 04-06-2011

  • 05:18:59: Forgot #meds4 until not long ago and so #stillawake. #bed now.
  • 13:58:16: #wakingup
  • 17:13:48: Finally cooling down now the sun is off my window. Mild headache and bad left shoulder pain though (since accident, on&off, ON now).
  • 17:13:58: #cocodamol and #nap
  • 17:57:47: For reference, head and eye #paincount=6 but shoulder =8.
  • 22:25:33: Hanging my head/hair under a cold shower has really helped to cool me down. Standing in the bathroom with the cold shower running helped too
  • 22:26:13: Wish I had a source of cold running water in my room, like a shower, too cool the room down like that. Ah well.
  • 23:07:30: Realising that I have only eaten once "today". Hubby cooked yummy dairy-free chicken korma. Should fix that.

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