Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 04-01-2011

  • 02:58:16: Finished frogging, untangling and restarting some #knitting. Now #bed. Think I may be hungry, though, so I hope I can sleep.
  • 10:52:18: #wakingup from yet another dream about lectures and essays.
  • 16:31:14: 11 year old girl downstairs is home from school. Turns on her stereo pretty loud (room below mine) and then goes outside to trampoline.
  • 16:32:18: …and then yells at her mum to turn it up. *sigh* Then, in retaliation, next door (or maybe her mum?) turn on some loud bagnin' choons.
  • 16:33:17: #cocodamol for the insta-headache #paincount =7 and #nap with #earplugs if thet will stop the noise transmitting through the floorboards &…
  • 16:33:54: … floorboards, walls (made of cardboard, it seems) and my bed. #fingerscrossed
  • 16:34:37: If anyone here knows Maya *please* tell her that she is being totally inconsiderate and entitled.
  • 16:38:17: Oh, and, instead of singing along with whatever teenybopper is playing on her stereo, she is singing Dead Or Alive's Spin Me Right Round.
  • 18:58:57: Ah that's better. Peace and quiet and the painkillers worked.

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