Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Writer's Block: Friends of old

Do you have a childhood friend that you still think about and miss? What happened to him or her?

All of them. Childhood, university and adult life. I now only have one truly close "best" friend and that is hubby. I have had many friends over the years. Usually one "best" friend as I do not do as well in larger groups but sometimes a small group of very good friends. Recently I have got in touch with some of them via and so on. These were my best friends over the years:

Cl* & Ca* when I was 5-7 and lived in Buckinghamshire. I have recently got in touch with Cl* via FriendsReunited and it was good to touch base.

I had a pretty close friend when I went to kindergarten in Euless, TX. I think her name was Page or Paige but I cannot remember and did not seem to write about her in my diary while I was there (PDF download).

My best friends when I moved to Horsham at the age of seven were S* (who I have had contact with via FR), A* and J* but especially S* who was my best friend for years, even for some of the first year of senior school when we were in different classes/forms.

I did not have many friends during senior school. There was M* for a while and N* at different times (N* and I both played alto saxophone). I spent a lot of time alone either reading, writing or playing music in the practice rooms.

During 6th Form (ages 16-18) I became very close friends with B*. B* and I stayed close all the way through university as well but I am useless at keeping in touch so we have drifted apart over the years. She is now a well known (in those circles) consultant paediatrician in (I think) Birmingham, has married her boyfriend from back at 6th Form and had their first child (which she let me know by a card). I made a buggy blanket for her and sent it off but have not heard from her since.

Then there is E* who I became very close to over the years after we met when I was coaching her at trampolining. She eventually qualified as a coach herself and ran the club I used to help run for a while. I last saw her at her wedding and took a few photos but, sadly, almost none of them turned out for toffee and we have not been in contact since.

I am just so bad at keeping in touch. Apparently my dad used to be the same as well where as my mum is still in touch with people she went to school with and even a woman that was on the same ward when she had me. (Or was it my brother? I was sure I was born at home.)

So, I like to spend time on my own and suck at keeping in touch with people from my past. I do remember most of them, though, and often wonder how they are doing. I did meet up with another friend from 6th Form recently, though, who happens to run the games shop that hubby goes to - it is indeed a tiny, tiny universe!
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